Our Story

Our Story

Muisbosskerm, derives it's name from a shelter being built from a bush called "Muisbos", by the native herdsman, that migrated during the different seasons to pasture and water.

Brainchild of Edward & Elmien Turner, the Muisbosskerm is situated right on the shore, 5km south of Lambert's Bay on the Elands Bay Road.

Here the Turner family will treat you, true to their lifestyle, to some of the West Coast's most sought after seafood dishes, always fresh from the sea.

The West Coast, well known for its crayfish and different kinds of fish, baked, smoked or grilled.

From the traditional "waterblommetjie" and "hotnotskool bredie", to the ever fresh homemade potato yeast bread, straight from the the clay -oven, with butter and the region's famous "Hanepootkorrelkonfyt".

These are just a few of the dishes you can choose from during this 2 – 3 hour buffet meal.